Basics of Web Apps

This path is aimed at middle school students who have learned the basics of coding and are ready to learn the tools needed to make full-stack web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the front end and PHP and MySQL for the back end.

Grades: Middle -High School
Requirements: Basic Knowledge of HTML/CSS & JavaScript.
Goal  Learn the tools need to make a full scale web app including JavaScript, PHP and databases.
Class Structure: This is self-paced to accommodate students at different levels.
Cost $300 per 10 sessions
Class Times Thursdays: 4-5:30 pm

How it Works

  • Depending on what coding experience they have, students will work through the following course path.
  • Our Website Building Path will teach them the basics of using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and PHP with online material, coding exercises and in person teaching.
  • Classes are self paced but with plenty of teaching support and guidance.
  • This class usually has students working in Course 2-5.
Our Goal?

For students to get the skills they need so that they can create a full web app in high school to enter the Congressional App Challenge.

Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Schedule

Class Type Day of week Time
Weekly Class Thursdays 4-5:30pm

Our Courses for Basics of Web App

JavaScript is the world's most used programming language, with ugly syntax but lots of cool features.

Get ready to code - in this course you'll learn the fundamentals of programming including variables, conditionals, arrays, loops, and functions.

PHP is one of the most useful languages you can learn.
It plays nicely with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the front end and can create database applications on the back end.

It is easy to learn and scales from simple functions to complex powerful web apps.

Learn how to use databases to unleash the power of a web app.

  • How to create a database
  • How to extract information using SQL (Structured Query Language).
  • How to use SQL to insert, change or delete data.

Become a full stack developer!  This course puts all the pieces together including:

  • Review forms with HTML,
  • How to use PHP and JavaScript together,
  • How to integrate forms with databases including creating am editable data table.

What is Full Stack?

Front End.  Back end. Full Stack. Ever heard these? They refer to different parts of developing a web application.

  • Front End:  what the user sees in the browser or the app screen.  It presents content and allows users to make decisions.  Useful tools & skills include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, graphic design.
  • Back End:  the code that makes things happen. It lives on a server and is focused on getting the right data to the browser.  Useful tools & skills include database, e-commerce, programming, and security.
  • Full Stack: a developer can combine Front End and Back End development to create an end-to-end, cohesive application.