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PHP is one of the most useful languages you can learn.
“PHP is about as exciting as your toothbrush. You use it every day, it does the job, it is a simple tool, so what? Who would want to read about toothbrushes?” — Rasmus Lerdorff, the creator of PHP
PHP often gets a bad rap for not being as elegant or fast or …you name it… in comparison to other popular programming languages like Ruby on Rails, Python or Swift. But, I come back to time and time again because it is so easy to integrate with websites and so useful.

What does being useful mean? It plays nicely with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the front end and then can turn around and create database applications on the back end. Plus, it is easy to learn and scales from simple functions to complex powerful web apps. Finally, WordPress, the most popular tool used to make websites, is developed in it so if you want to write any custom code or add-ons for over one third of the world’s websites you should learn PHP .