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Which Path?

Or...where should I start? Website Building? Python? WordPress?

While our FAQs does address this question, we get it a lot so we added a comparison table to try to help you decided.

Website Building Python WordPress
Description Building web sites and apps from scratch. Jump right into real coding Learn to create websites using the most popular tool.
Pros Quick payback - you make your first web page the first day A simple language to learn and you get to learning core programming features quickly Fun to do and easy to learn
Cons Takes a while to get to real programming - second course Not as easy to make websites with...have to wait a few courses Not "real" programming
Who should take it Great introduction if you are on the fence if you will like programming If you love puzzles and solving logical issues If you are more into graphical design and creatiing a cool website quickly
And remember, all three skills are relevant in today's world so you can't go wrong and you can always come back and do another path later!

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