Getting Started with LabCatsCoding

Why Us?

Our approach is different and gets kids doing real coding faster.

  • Kids learn real skills starting with building a webpage on the first day.
  • Cloud editors give the kids easy access to their work from anywhere.
  • A personal development environment for each student.
  • When you get stuck, we can look at your code online and provide help directly.
  • Classes build upon each other and are road tested by other kids.


"To actually learn how to think. I think everyone in this country should learn to program a computer. Everyone should learn a computer language because it teaches you how to think." --Steve Jobs 1996


Thanks so much for all the extra love, care and encouragement and coding (!) you gave our daughter over the last few weeks. She’s been beaming today with pride, having tackled such a huge project. Truly a highlight of these locked down pandemic times!

- P.B. parent

My son has loved Mettler's coding classes. He appreciates that Elizabeth is able to structure classes to a student's particular pace and abilities, while still having all the kids work together and contribute. He already has two Apps in the Apple store and expects to release several more!
- Future Billionaire Parent

This is the only coding class I have done, but I have learned a lot and look forward to it. My favorite thing we've done so far is Basics of WordPress, you can make a real website really simply. I also like the "Real" coding we do, but it gets complicated

- M.L.  8th grader

It is really fun and if you do it long enough, you will be able to make your own apps and go at your own pace.

-Margot - 10th grader

My son has taking coding with Elizabeth Mettler for years and still looks forward to going every week. It is a fun and supportive environment that provides the right balance of challenging and nurturing. I highly recommend the classes.

- Alison B - parent

I have taken this class since I was in 4th grade. I'm a sophomore in high school now. I have learned a lot in coding. Coding is hard to learn, but, as a Lab Cat, I have found coding much more comprehensive. I'm currently making an I should get back to that!

Hadley C.

What I liked about the course was that the information was easy to access, so if I was unclear about something I could check it to make sure I knew the material. Also It was useful to have homework to practice what we learned.

- M.T. Middle School student about Basics of Python

I liked a lot about the course. I liked how involved and helpful the teacher was, and how much we learned in a fairly short amount of time. I enjoyed the activities we did and what we coded. It was very fun.
- HM Middle School Student about Basics of Python

My son, Charles, has been working with Mettler Solutions for the last few years. He is now learning Python- highly recommend this program.

Linda E, parent

My girls have taken classes with LabCatsCode for a couple of years. They really enjoy it and have been learning a lot. My older daughter and other LabCats kids even won a coding competition sponsored by Facebook. Definitely recommend.

Jennifer L, parent

Learning to code with Elizabeth has been a great experience -- lots of fun and lots learned!
-- K.R. High School Student

Where to Start?

LabCatsCoding has developed over 15 courses along 3 different course paths:  Website Development, Python & Data Science and WordPress.  For those new to us, we recommend choosing one of two methods shown below of learning based on your age and coding experience.

Structured Beginner Classes

Completely new to coding or still in middle school?  Then, start with taking one of our two core beginner classes: How to Build a Website using HTML & CSS or Basics of Python.


How To Build a Website Using HTML & CSS

Learn HTML and CSS to create a website from the ground up on your own little slice of the web.

Basics of Python

Python is a high-level programming language that is one of the easiest to learn due to its clear and simple syntax and the progression of learning the fundamentals.

Self-Paced Classes

Have some experience creating websites or coding?  Or are already in high school?  Then we recommend jumping right in with one of our self-paced paths.


Make Your Own Web App Series

Designed to teach high school students how to make full-stack web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the front end and PHP and MySQL for the back end.

Basics of Web App Series

Aimed at middle school students who are ready to learn the tools needed to make web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the front end and PHP and MySQL for the back end.

Python and Data Science

This series jumps straight into real coding with Python - one of the easiest languages to learn - and combines it with one of the most in demand skills, Data Science.

Our Course Paths

Website Building Path

Learn how to develop websites and web apps from start to finish beginning with HTML & CSS, on to JavaScript, PHP & SQL before learning how to integrate it all in a full stack web app.

Learn how to create a website! We'll start off with the basics of HTML which allows us to structure our content and then learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to give our webpage some personality including adding colors, cool fonts, and interesting visual effects.
Learn how to create complicated web page layouts that are responsive. We'll also cover the new tricks you can do with HTML5 and CSS3. Then we will cap it off by learning how to add some interactivity to your website with JavaScript.
Building on the your knowledge of HTML & CSS, learn the fundamentals of programming in JavaScript.
Using HTML5 and JavaScript, learn the basics of creating graphical games for the web or your mobile device.
Add on by learning the basics of creating 2D games using Phaser 3.
PHP is one of the most useful languages you can learn. It plays nicely with HTML and CSS on the front end and then can turn around and create powerful functions on the backed to integrate with databases and other tools. Plus, it is easy to learn and scales nicely - from simple functions to complex powerful web apps.
Learn the basics of creating databases with phpMyAdmin and MySQL. Then dive into the mastering the writing of SQL queries. We'll follow that up with a learning how to combine PHP and MySQL for interactive web apps.
This course combines all the skills you learned with PHP and MySQL but adds a new level of complexity on top. We'll learn how to combine PHP and MySQL for interactive database web
The best way to learn how to code is to make your own project. In this course, you will create your own web app starting with brainstorming for ideas and planning out the project through development and testing. The final goal is to submit your app for the Congressional App challenge in October.
Prerequisite: Basics of Web Apps
Taken all the classes in this series? Made your own app but it's not perfect yet? This courses includes more independent work while covering advanced concepts to make your app more fully realized as well as more stable. This includes learning how to set up a local development environment, using GIT and adding in more PHP best practices including OOP!
Prerequisite: Make Your Own Web App

Python Path

Jump straight into real coding with Python - one of the easiest languages to learn. Create games while learning the basic concepts and then head into more complex programming concepts.

Learn the basics of Python while creating a Choose Your Adventure and a Guessing game. This covers variables, data types, conditionals, loops, lists and more.
Learn how to use existing Python modules in your code and how to create and use functions. We will then dive into learning how to design and structure programs while building several games.
Learn the basics of Data Science and how to use Jupyter Notebooks to do simple analysis.
Learn how to create and use objects in Python.
Combine the basics of Data Science with using Python programming.
Learn how to make web applications using a framework with Python.

WordPress Path

Learn the most popular tool used to create websites on the market today starting with the basics, how to use plugins and how to add custom code.

Learn how to create a website using WordPress including the difference between posts & pages, site design, how to use plugins & widgets, setting up users, security and more.
Covers more advanced WordPress topics with a focus on what you can do with some premium plugins including Gravity Forms, Gravity Views, User Role Editor, and Beaver Builder Page Builder.
Put your PHP and your WordPress skills together to learn how to create plugins and custom PHP pages for WordPress..

How We Teach

We teach kids how to code.  Real coding.  Not drag and drop.  But, fundamental programming skills that we use to create websites, games and cool tools.

Our Classes:
  • 5-8 students of similar ages.
  • In person instruction for 1-1.5 hours once a week.
  • Class Makeup: combination of formal instruction, reviewing students work and helping the students with current coding issues.
  • Homework:  1-2 hours per week to build on that weeks lessons.
  • For every course, classes start off with simple concepts and assignments and become more complex.
  • LabCatsCode has three paths currently set up to learn more coding skills: Website Building, Python and WordPress.

Some of our older students even do projects for non-profits as a way of gaining great experience, gathering some community service hours and doing good for the community.

Don't See What You Want?

Take a minute to let us know what types of courses you are most interested it.  We'll send out an email with information on how to sign up as soon as we have our classes lined up.


Who Do We Teach?


Interested in getting your kids coding?

  • We teach weekly classes in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Python, WordPress and more during the school year. 
  • We also have summer camps based on demand.  Summer is the perfect time to learn - no other school work and we make it fun.

Have your kids learn how to build a website and do some real coding!


We not only offer a range of classes for kids - but we also teach grown-ups to!  Sometimes we can all use that extra push.

  • Learning how to create a website using WordPress is a perfect skill for small business owners or people who want to acquire some tech expertise.
  • We also teach more advance website building techniques like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.


Need a class for your employees?  We can custom tailor one to meet the needs of your group.  We can teach you how to setup or simply how to maintain a website created in WordPress, Drupal, or more.