Web Apps Created by Our Students

Every year, there is a contest held by Congress called the Congressional App Challenge.  Students can create web apps and submit them for each Congressional District.  Students who are enrolled in the Make Your Own Web App course, all enter this competition.  Why?  Mainly because having a goal and a deadline motivates students.  Even after the challenge, many of our students continue to work on their apps. Here's a look at some of the apps that are students have created for the Congressional App Challenge.

Take a look below at some of the cool apps created by our students. One is even be used as a teaching tool in Alice Deal Middle School.  Can you guess which one?

The Zhi Book

Created by a Wilson student, this app is based on the teaching methods and material of the Alice Deal Middle School Chinese teacher, Mr. Zhi. The two have worked together to create an app  makes it easier for students to learn Chinese.

  • Notebook section:  simulates a successful learning environment that has been proven to help students receive a 6 on the STAMP test
  • Practice section:  allows students to practice writing sentences and understanding Chinese words in context
  • Entertainment section:  fully immerse themselves in the Chinese language.
  • Memorization section:  flashcards, matching Chinese-English and fill in the blanks

Closet Shuffle

Not sure what to wear?  This app generates outfits based on weather, activity, and color.

  • List of basic clothing already in system.
  • You can select what criteria you want outfit to match: weather, Activity or Color of garments
  • App generates an outfit based on provided criteria.
  • Can add your own clothing.
  • If you like the outfit, save it - if not, try again!
  • You can save outfits and import your own clothes with photos.
  • Closet Sharing – ability to share closets with friends and request to borrow items.

Skiing Guide

Like to ski or board and always looking for a new mountain that fits your skill level and style? This app will let you search all the ski mountains in North America and more including:

  • Ability to see and filter basic information about each mountain.
  • Can set ratings for each mountain.
  • Add mountains to your wishlist.
  • Set user preferences to tailor recommended mountains.

Ultimate: The Guide

Want to learn how to play Ultimate Frisbee?  Want to make sure everyone knows the rules?  Want to chat about it?  This is your app.  Features include:

  • Lessons to learn the rules of playing along with quizzes.
  • Videos
  • Complete Rule Book
  • Community message board