Summer 2021 Coding Camps

LabCatsCoding has taught coding classes and summer camps to upper elementary through high school students for 7 years in Washington DC.

Week Course Times Cost
June 28 - July 2 Creating Games with HTML5 & JavaScript 12:30pm - 3pm $300
July 12 - 16 Creating Games with HTML5 & JavaScript 2 12:30pm - 3pm $300
July 19-23 How to Build a Website 9:30am - noon $300
July 19-23 Basics of Python 1 - 3:30pm $300
Camps run Monday through Friday.  Minimum of four students to hold camp.  Laptops provided.
What Our Students Say!

Thanks so much for all the extra love, care and encouragement and coding (!) you gave our daughter over the last few weeks. She’s been beaming today with pride, having tackled such a huge project. Truly a highlight of these locked down pandemic times!

- P.B. parent

My son has loved Mettler's coding classes. He appreciates that Elizabeth is able to structure classes to a student's particular pace and abilities, while still having all the kids work together and contribute. He already has two Apps in the Apple store and expects to release several more!
- Future Billionaire Parent

This is the only coding class I have done, but I have learned a lot and look forward to it. My favorite thing we've done so far is Basics of WordPress, you can make a real website really simply. I also like the "Real" coding we do, but it gets complicated

- M.L.  8th grader

It is really fun and if you do it long enough, you will be able to make your own apps and go at your own pace.

-Margot - 10th grader

My son has taking coding with Elizabeth Mettler for years and still looks forward to going every week. It is a fun and supportive environment that provides the right balance of challenging and nurturing. I highly recommend the classes.

- Alison B - parent

I have taken this class since I was in 4th grade. I'm a sophomore in high school now. I have learned a lot in coding. Coding is hard to learn, but, as a Lab Cat, I have found coding much more comprehensive. I'm currently making an I should get back to that!

Hadley C.

What I liked about the course was that the information was easy to access, so if I was unclear about something I could check it to make sure I knew the material. Also It was useful to have homework to practice what we learned.

- M.T. Middle School student about Basics of Python

I liked a lot about the course. I liked how involved and helpful the teacher was, and how much we learned in a fairly short amount of time. I enjoyed the activities we did and what we coded. It was very fun.
- HM Middle School Student about Basics of Python

My son, Charles, has been working with Mettler Solutions for the last few years. He is now learning Python- highly recommend this program.

Linda E, parent

My girls have taken classes with LabCatsCode for a couple of years. They really enjoy it and have been learning a lot. My older daughter and other LabCats kids even won a coding competition sponsored by Facebook. Definitely recommend.

Jennifer L, parent

Learning to code with Elizabeth has been a great experience -- lots of fun and lots learned!
-- K.R. High School Student

Our Summer Camps

Our one week camps are aimed at rising 6th graders through high school and are designed for beginners or intermediate coders.

a cat sleeping on a laptop pc

How to Build a Website

Create a website starting with learning HTML to structure a page and adding on colors, fonts, and cool visual effects with CSS.

Grades: Middle School-High School
When: July 19-23 from 9:30am to noon


Basics of Python

Jump straight into real coding with Python - one of the easiest languages to learn. Create games while learning basic programming concepts.

Note: interested in sports?  Our follow up Data Science with Python courses dive into sports stats analysis.

Grades: Middle School-High School
When: July 19-23 from 12:30 - 3pm


Creating Games with HTML5 & JavaScript

Using HTML5 and JavaScript, learn the basics of creating graphical games for the web or your mobile device.

Grades: Middle School-High School
When: June 28 - July 2nd from 12:30pm to 3pm
Requirements:  How to Build a Website or equivalent course


Creating Games 2

In Week 2, build on your knowledge and create more advanced games while introducing game frameworks like Phaser3 and Web GL.

Grades: Middle School-High School
When: July 12 - 16 from 12:30pm to 3pm
Requirements:  Creating Games: HTML 5 & JavaScript

High School Students - Make Your Own App

Not your traditional summer camp - these self-paced classes are targeted at high school students who want to learn to code by creating their own web app.  Much more fun and rewarding!


Make Your Own Web App

  • Grades: High School
  • Requirements:  None though basic HTML/CSS would be nice!
  • Goal:  Plan, design & build your own web app.
  • Class Structure:  Self-paced to accommodate beginners and experts.  Students will learn coding methods based on what they need for their app using our Website Building Path.
  • Cost: $300 per 8 sessions
  • Class Times: Classes will be offered multiple times a week over 5 weeks in the summer. Students can choose to attend as many or as few as works for them.

How It Works

  • Each student will start by brainstorming, evaluating the ideas and selecting a website app.
  • Students will go through the life cycle of creating, planning, designing, building, testing and deploying a web application.
  • As they go through these steps, they will learn the necessary coding and technical skills using the courses from our Website Building Path.  This includes learning and using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and PHP.
  • Classes are self paced but with plenty of teaching support and guidance.
  • Sessions will be in person but can be joined in via Zoom as well.
End Goal!  Students who continue can enter the Congressional App Challenge in Fall of 2022.

Tentative Schedule

Weeks Day of week Time
June 28 - July 2
July 12 - 16
Mondays & Wednesdays 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
June 28 - July 2
July 12 - 16
Tuesdays & Thursdays 7 - 9 pm
August 16-20  Tuesday & Thursday 4- 6pm
August 23-27 Monday, Wednesday & Friday 11 am - 1 pm
Note: LabCats - this schedule is very flexible.  Depends on how much summer camp I teach, depends on your schedules & prefs. We can tweak!!