Make Your Own Web App Course Path

This program is designed to teach high school students how to make full-stack web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the front end and PHP and MySQL for the back end.

Grades: High School
Requirements:   None though basic HTML/CSS is a plus
Goal  Plan, design & build your own web app.
Class Structure:  Self-paced to accommodate beginners and experts.  Students will learn coding methods based on what they need for their app using our Website Building Path.
Cost $300 per 10 sessions
Class Times Wednesdays from 4-6pm.

Why do this?  Because making your own app is fun,  you get to focus on the tech skills you think are cool and you will learn so much!

Our Goal?

For each student to enter the Congressional App Challenge and to have an App in the App Store by senior year!

Winter-Spring 2023 Schedule

Class Type Day of week Time
Weekly Class Wednesdays 4 - 6pm
Extra Session Thursdays 4 - 5:30m

What Will Our Students Be Doing?

Learning so much and making their own wep app from the ground up.  Our students are currently creating the following apps:

  • Chinese Language Learning Tool
  • Clothing Generator
  • Gift Idea Generator for gift ideas given age, interest, and more.
  • Ultimate Frisbee Rules App
  • Debate Prep App
  • HikerHunter - motivate kids to hike with a scavenger hunt.
How it Works
  • Each student will brainstorm, evaluate and select a website app idea.
  • Students will go through the life cycle of creating, planning, designing, building, testing and deploying a web application.
  • As they go through these steps, they will learn the necessary coding and technical skills using the courses from our Website Building Path.  This includes learning and using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and PHP.
  • Classes are self paced but with plenty of teaching support and guidance.

What is Full Stack?

Front End.  Back end. Full Stack. Ever heard these? They refer to different parts of developing a web application.

  • Front End:  what the user sees in the browser or the app screen.  It presents content and allows users to make decisions.  Useful tools & skills include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, graphic design.
  • Back End:  the code that makes things happen. It lives on a server and is focused on getting the right data to the browser.  Useful tools & skills include database, e-commerce, programming, and security.
  • Full Stack: a developer can combine Front End and Back End development to create an end-to-end, cohesive application.